McAfee Review

The antivirus product of McAfee app has a lot of features and certain unique outstanding tools. First of all, having purchased a basic plan, you simultaneously get protection for your PC, tablet and smartphone.

The basic protection plan covers both Internet security and Antivirus security. Thus, you will enjoy thorough protection.

The reviews done on the basis of AV testing websites demonstrate that the Antivirus feature of McAfee app ensures excellent protection for all types of devices.

Unique Features:

  •  Email Scanner
  •  Anti-Spam Scanner
  •  Parental Control
  •  Network Security for WIFI
  •  Live Safe internet security

The main focus of McAfee is the quality of security provided to the clients although the selection of extra features may seem restricted.

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In case the app detects a threat or malware, it demonstrates quick reaction of the real-time security. You get a corresponding notification, and the software gets blocked immediately. No delays are possible if you use McAfee app Antivirus products.

Customer support is provided for free 24/7, while other products may charge you for the phone calls. Using McAfee, you do not pay for this extra service.

Before you click to open any site, Internet security does a thorough check and you are aware if the website has a bad reputation. McAfee also makes it possible to ensure prevention of fishing attacks.


McAfee software may seem a bit complicated at first. It will take you some time to get used to the interface and features to use. However, if you are an experienced PC user, you will quickly see into the matter and become an expert.

If your account gets expired or you get some notifications, you will see pop-ups which may seem annoying. However, this feature can be turned off easily.

Bottom Line

The McAfee app is a feature rich antivirus product that includes some outstanding tools. Even with their most basic plans you will have protection for your PC, Smartphone & Tablet.
Their main protection plan will include both Antivirus & Internet security, which will keep you protected for all angles. 
Testing from some of the most established AV testing websites show that their Antivirus feature itself offers bulletproof protection for all devices.

McAfee keep their features stripped back, but keep their product focused on great security every consumer can trust.

What They Offer:

Full Anti-Virus Protection

Firewall protection

Identity and financial Protection

Parental Controls

PC optimization tools