Intrusta Review

While relatively new to the industry, Intrusta is already making a name for itself as one of the simplest, most transparent, user-focused products in the digital security marketplace. Founded on the premise that security should be accessible and understandable to everyone, Intrusta looks to partner with their customers to help them secure their devices and their online behaviors by educating their customers, without leaning on the scare tactics that we see so frequently from other providers.



Intrusta prides itself on keeping cybersecurity simple, user-friendly and easy-to-understand. The clear-cut interface features numerous devices, allowing users to distinguish each one with a unique name and picture.

Exceptional Performance

Intrusta’s AntiVirus hits all the major features we look for in an antivirus:

  • Anti-Malware
  • Anti-Ransomware
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Adware


User Education

Intrusta puts a premium on educating the end user throughout their digital journey. They use an extensive knowledge base to ensure the user has access to the relevant resources for their evolving cybersecurity needs.

Stellar Support

The same intelligence Intrusta employs to educate users is what drives their customer service. Their support team anticipates real-time user needs based on intelligent learning about their behavior. Their contact options are fully visible, and their support staff is knowledgeable, considerate, and quick to respond.

Competitive Pricing

Intrusta’s price point is reasonable and competitive, with plans starting as low as $24.99 for a single device, and up to

No Sneaky Subscription Tactics

Intrusta doesn’t apply any gimmicky renewal policies. They’re transparent about what their users pay and when they’ll pay it. Their plans are easy to cancel, uninstall or even refund, without jumping through all the usual hoops, so you’re never stuck with a subscription you no longer need.

Running Scans with Intrusta

Intrusta will take care of any problems for you, but will also help you understand if you get an unexpected result – did you expect to find a virus but nothing came out? They will help you understand why that might be.


Further Assistance

Live Chat

Users who require immediate assistance can live chat with Intrusta’s support team for speedy, reliable solutions to their issues.


Phone support can be reached at 855-858-5808.

Contact Form

A support ticket can be submitted by accessing the knowledge base here (

What They Offer:

Full Anti-Virus Protection
Firewall protection
Identity and financial Protection
Parental Controls
PC optimization tools