BullGuard Review

In the past, Bullguard Antivirus software has been reported to have some of the best malware catch rates in the market, along with a plethora of other great features. The layers of defence that the program offers can add to what many believe to be an ironclad system that cannot be penetrated by viruses or hackers.


Top Malware Catch Rates

Independent lab tests reported that Bullguard has on of the top malware catch rates.

The system reportedly stops all unknown viruses before they have a chance to infect your computer.


Simple To Install

There’s nothing worse than purchasing a new piece of equipment and struggling to install it, but Bullguard comes with none of the hassle. Once installed, the software interface continues to be easy to use. Simply follow the easy-to-read on-screen instructions and you should have Bullguard up and running on your computer in no time.


Unique Features

  • Spam Filter - A spam filter is included with the system so you can stop annoying emails.  
  • Anti Spyware - No need to worry about prying eyes with this feature.
  • Behavioural Detection - Identifies new threats quickly by identifying strange behaviour. Hackers and online threats can sometimes lurk for months in the background before taking any action. This is an innovative feature that could save your system.


Doesn't Slow Down Your Systems

Oftentimes you’ll find that programs like this slow down your system, but Bullguard does not. Gamers and coders especially won’t have to worry about any glitches that stop them from enjoying their past-times or hindering their careers.


Bad Reviews

Although some independent lab tests claim that Bullguard performs the best, others say it subpar in comparison to other software on the market. You might be able to do better than a product that has a history of hits and misses.

Bottom Line

While Bullguard could be considered good value for money with a simple and effortless interface with many features, it may not actually be the best for catching malware and stopping viruses in their tracks. You may be better off compromising on some of the features just to get a piece of software that has a better record of protecting systems.

What They Offer:

Full Anti-Virus Protection

Firewall protection

Identity and financial Protection

Parental Controls

PC optimization tools